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The about generated missions are an array

Something to make note of about these quests, They change day-by-day. Now this is simply not unique to MMOs, The community doesn’t particularly enjoy exactly a similar thing every day. Notwithstanding, Something Trion did was help you to pick up multiple days worth of dailies from the same quest giver! This is beneficial because you aren’t getting punished for taking a day off( Just you should definitely actually pick up the quest because tomorrow it won’t be the same).

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InnoGames Invites Fans to Tribal Wars 2 Alpha Arena Competition

Two weeks after the announcement of new title Tribal Wars 2, InnoGames invites two players to join an exclusive preview of the game: the Alpha Arena competition.

The speed round battle will take place on December 19 at InnoGames, including more than 50 community managers and the entire Tribal Wars development team. InnoGames sums up how to win one of the two slots on the Tribal Wars 2 facebook page.

The alpha arena competition will start at 9:00am (UTC +1) and end at 5:00pm the same day. The team organized the event to test the game balance of Tribal Wars 2 and gather feedback from experienced players. As the speed will be x500 faster than regular game speed, players will reach late game status during the competition. Feedback arising from the battle will be implemented into further development of the game. InnoGames will provide devices for players, so no hardware is needed.

In Tribal Wars 2, players find themselves as leader of a small village in the midst of a medieval world. Tasked with growing and expanding their empire within a war-torn landscape, they have to fight in order to survive. The MMO’s focus is real-time strategic battles with and against other players. Army size is not all that matters – political alliances and military pacts are crucial for success. Team play is a key aspect of the game. Tribal Wars 2 will be released as cross-platform game for Android, iOS and all browsers. Therefore, players can set up one account for all platforms and play from whichever combination of devices they choose.

The Secret World Going F2P During the Apocalypse?

The Secret World released a video today showing Game Director Joel Bylos contemplating the end of the world, and its implications. If you don’t know, December 21st marks what many feel is the Mayan calendar’s prediction of the end of the world. So what does his apocalyptic bucket list consist of? Making sure as many people as possible try The Secret World.

The video is quite entertaining, and I recommend you watch it in its entirety, but at around 2:50 Joel pretty emphatically tells a group of suits at a meeting table to “drop the subscription”.
What this means exactly we can not say for sure right now. This could very easily be just a free trial, or free weekend event. But what the video seems to imply is that on December 21st, The Secret World is going free-to-play. The video ends with a “to be continued…”, so there seems to be more info on its way in the future. Many folks have thought since its launch earlier this year that it is simply a matter of when, not if, the TSW would go F2P. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for what’s in-store in the coming weeks for The Secret World.


As of this writing, I haven’t yet cleared Alexander. I’ve had other things to do, and while it might mean I’m ultimately one week behind the progress for its weekly resets, I’m not stressed about that. I’m just about capped with law gear, and it’s going to be a long while before the difference between item levels becomes significant enough for commentary. And, from what I’ve seen, the fights will benefit slightly from a little more time for people to figure out how they work and run them correctly.

The introduction of Alexander does mean, however, that we’re past the point in Final Fantasy XIV‘s expansion cycle when we had no weekly resets to contend with… sort of. Really, those have been in place since launch, to an extent. It also raises questions about what role Esoterics will ultimately play, and it’s as good a place as any to start talking about the game’s endgame structure now, what it looked like at the end of 2.x, and where we may go from here.
I had to wait longer than a week for this.Weekly content has been part of Final Fantasy XIV since the relaunch, and to be fair, it usually works pretty well. From a design standpoint, the benefit is obvious: You have a reason to come back on a regular basis and explore more. Mechanically, it’s also well-handled on a whole. You have some weekly and some daily tasks, and if you’re creative, you can “bank” that content a little bit. It’s all a way to give you tasks to do, but it also prevents you from jumping ahead too quickly.

Having no weekly lockouts in place at the expansion launch was a good strategy, giving players time to explore and enjoy things without creating the feeling that you’re horrendously behind.But it didn’t work entirely because you do probably feel that you’re behind if you’re just now hitting 60. I’m up to 175 on my main job, and while that’s not an insurmountable climb for someone else who is just rolling up to 60, it does mean that the power gap exists, just not in as severe a fashion.

Part of the problem is the fact that Yoshida specifically wanted to have a wider gap for item levels, which – honestly – makes perfect sense. Creating a wider gap means that there’s both more space for differentiated items and more opportunities to make it easier to fill in gaps hither and yon. The down side is that the difference between a fresh player at endgame and one already there is more significant, and the gaps to be made up are more difficult.

Having no weekly reset has meant that you aren’t missing out on many timed things, but I shudder for the poor tank going in at just-acceptable item levels against DPS that’s pushing 180.

The lack of a weekly reset has also meant that players who want to can really crank and be far beyond what was expected. I have not been working with particular vigor on getting max item level as fast as possible; compared to some players I’ve seen, I’m downright sluggish, mostly just picking up my daily bonuses and doing my daily/weekly hunts. And I’m still just about finished up with those, which gives me plenty of reason to start working on the new EX Primals and such.

I think this was, ultimately, a good call for the designers to make. But I don’t think it so much fixed the issue of people rushing on ahead as changed the ceiling and the gap that was possible, and it means that people still running a wee bit behind the developers’ schedule are going to face a bit of a climb.

How much of a climb remains to be seen. It’ll be a few weeks before anyone has a full Alexander set, and that means that we don’t actually know what Esoterics will look like in terms of item levels, weekly caps, and potential upgrades. Sure, you might say that Esoterics items won’t have any upgrades, but that was the case with the original non-weekly currency as well, and having an upgrade item for Esoterics gear would also fit with having a 24-person raid in patch 3.1, something Yoshida has been somewhat mum about but has strongly hinted at. It would also mirror the structure of the previous patches, giving Alexander (Savage) an edge in item levels until 3.1’s release.

But of course, there’s Alexander (Normal) to consider. And that’s where it gets interesting.

More interesting than it already was, I mean.

The stated purpose of Alexander (Normal) is to allow players to see the story and get gear that looks the same but cannot be dyed. Understandable and solid. But it is also challenging content; it’s about on par with the Crystal Tower series in terms of design, but with a third of the population, there’s much less margin for error and recovery. That has to be taken into account whilst dealing with the upgrade path. Will Alexander’s gear be a step below Esoterics, or on par?

If Esoterics gives us level 190 gear, Alexander remains equally relevant, but it also means that the gear may need to be more easily acquired than some of the older top-end tomestone gear. It would also likely mean that Savage will drop an upgrade item for tomestone gear that will later be available elsewhere, as often happens. That makes Esoterics gear more appealing in the long run, since it can be upgraded, but it makes it more of a gap-filler until then.

By contrast, if Esoterics is 200, Alexander is basically just a stopping point along the way, there for vanity and off-jobs rather than your main upgrade path. It also might mean no upgrade item, which would be… odd, given the state of the game’s endgame layout. You’d have no real incentive to run New Crystal Tower (that will not be its name) unless you were, again, gearing up an alternate job along the way.

We’ll know for certain next week, ultimately, but just having Alexander around this week means that the pattern is taking shape. We’re starting to see what the endgame layout is going to look like. And the core of it appeals to me thus far. There’s a much wider array of tokens available, far more emphasis on successfully running things reliably than simply getting lucky on a single drop and roll. There’s that same feel that you have multiple paths to the same endpoint, and I’m hoping that this focus on giving us options and letting us decide which options appeal to us the most persists through the rest of the expansion.

Also, if we also get Esoterics weapons like we got our Law weapons, I’ll be even happier. Purchasing new weapons through straightforward means rather than hoping for luck once again makes me so happy, you don’t even know.

Feedback, as always, is welcome in the comments down below or via mail to eliot@massivelyop.com. Next time, I’d like to talk a little bit about Machinist issues (and Bard issues, to a lesser extent) now that I’ve had enough time to really advance that job and understand both what the designers were trying to do and what they actually accomplished.



Any time an in-depth discussion pops up about EVE Online, it’s never long before someone pipes up with the complaint that new players just can’t compete with veterans. EVE has been out for over 12 years now, and thanks to its realtime skill training mechanic, there are players who seem to have up to a 250 million skillpoint head start. Existing players have also had years to build up wealth, join together in huge alliances, learn how all the game mechanics work, figure out the best ship fittings, and get a lot of PvP practice. Actually catching up to the veterans in every way is next to impossible, but the truth is that you don’t need to. You can be very effective in PvE and PvP with just a few months of skill training and practice, and you can still contribute heavily to fleets with cheap tech 1 ships.

As EVE has been in constant development for 12 years, its history is full of moments when the rules of the game changed and the gulf between newbies and veterans suddenly shortened. When a new major feature comes out and changes the game in a significant way, new players and veterans alike must adapt and effectively have the same challenges and opportunities. We could be approaching one of those moments with Tuesday’s patch, which will turn sovereignty on its head by allowing small groups to potentially steal star systems from larger alliances. There’s a lot of theorycrafting left to be done on strategies and fleet compositions in the new system, and anyone who implements a good strategy before anyone else will get a significant advantage.

In this edition of EVE Evolved, I look at several moments in EVE‘s history when players found themselves suddenly competing on a more even playing field and ask what lesson older games can learn from them.

shieldgenEVE is a new game every few months
It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of 4X games like Civilization and Master of Orion II, so much so that I’m even making one of my own. The big appeal of 4X games for me is how replayable they can be thanks to procedurally generated maps and other random variables that are outside your control. Every new game starts as a blank slate filled with potential, and every player has roughly the same starting setup and a particular strategy in mind.

When you’re winning in a strategy game, it’s particularly satisfying because a combination of your choices and maybe some good fortune ultimately led to that victory. Since everyone starts fresh with roughly the same starting opportunity, you can take pride in the fact that your victory is because you outsmarted or outplayed your opponent. If things don’t go your way and you start losing a 4X game, the loss doesn’t feel final because you know that you can start a new game and get a clean slate again.

EVE Online has had several of these “fresh start” moments in the past with the introduction of major features players had to figure out or balance changes that really shook up the PvP landscape. I used to joke that EVE Online was a new game every six months because each expansion would introduce something new that would make some of our previous knowledge of things like ship fittings obsolete, but this has also always been an opportunity for newer players. Maybe you didn’t figure out wormholes quickly enough to make billions of ISK per week before it dried up, but you knew that if you waited a few months, then you could get in on the next big trend. Now that the game has switched to an iterative release schedule, those changes are smaller but more frequent and require constant adaptation.

side-0Fresh start moments in EVE‘s history
The most obvious fresh start in EVE‘s history would be at the end of beta when people started new characters and corporations and began grinding toward their first cruisers. When player owned structures were introduced, we had a similar moment as people began scanning moons for minerals and building industrial infrastructure.

All you needed was access to nullsec and a few hundred million ISK to get started, so the barrier to entry was fairly low. Nobody had any idea which moons would be most valuable, how to efficiently set up industrial structures, or how to best attack and defend a starbase. There was a race between players to figure out the best strategies and put them into action, and those who managed to adapt quicker than average were at a significant advantage.

When outposts and titans were introduced, they were designed to be industrial megaprojects that no individual player could realistically afford on his own. Few alliances had enough ISK in the wallet to make an outpost or supercapital ship immediately, and there was also a ton of work to be put in hauling minerals and operating shipyard starbases. A genuine arms race kicked off with alliances running mining fleets, escorting freighters full of low-end minerals into nullsec, and raising ISK via other means to fund their projects. The Interstellar Starbase Syndicate even ran the the world’s first MMORPG IPO to raise the ISK for a publicly owned outpost. Some small alliances rose to power because they figured out ways to take advantage of the new state of play, and some old ones started losing ground because they didn’t.

Don’t reward the existing winners
The biggest fresh start moment for me was in 2009’s Apocrypha expansion, which opened wormholes to completely new and unexplored star systems and sparked an immense gold rush. This time the barrier to entry was as low as you wanted to make it, with individuals able to solo the lowest class of wormhole system and larger corporations investing in permanent expeditions with starbases and capital ships.

Nobody had a clue how wormholes really worked, which star systems were most cost-effective to colonise, or how best to tackle the sites found in them. Corporations and individuals took on the risk and competed to figure out the secrets of wormhole space quickly enough to profit on them, and those who figured it out quickest became rich in the process. This was a feature designed to reward small but dedicated groups, and having very deep pockets or hundreds of pilots at the ready didn’t really help that much.

All of the moments I described above have one big thing in common: They minimised the advantage conferred by longevity and your existing success in the game. You couldn’t throw billions of ISK at wormholes to unlock its secrets before everyone else, and you couldn’t throw manpower at a shipyard to make a titan build faster. As long as you met the minimum barrier to entry, you would be participating in this new feature on roughly equal footing to everyone else. New features and ship types also frequently come with new skills that nobody could possibly have pre-trained, so everyone who meets the new skill’s prerequisites is on equal footing there too. In contrast, the old sovereignty system did the exact opposite of this principle, accidentally maximising the advantage of having mountains of ISK and so putting more power in the hands of existing alliances.

toolate-endAlthough EVE Online has been out for over 12 years, it’s definitely not too late to get into the game now. Veteran players may have millions of skillpoints, plenty of ISK, and a lot more experience to draw on, but the release of a major new feature often helps to level the playing field. When there are new skills to train, mysteries to solve, and strategies to formulate, a six-month-old player could stand just as good a chance of leading the pack as a ten-year veteran.

The idea of getting a fresh start every now and then is something that’s been incidentally present throughout EVE‘s development, and I think it’s actually a big part of what makes people stick with the game for years. Perhaps the big lesson to take away from EVE‘s history is that it’s not just acceptable to make old gameplay obsolete; it might actually be necessary. Reinventing the game periodically seems to help keep the playing field level between newcomers and veterans, and it’s the player who adapts quickest that survives.


Skyforge Veines Panorama Reveal


Been waiting to get into Skyforge but haven’t found a key yet? Well, Obsidian Entertainment and Allods Team have released a brand new interactive 3D panorama for a brand new location in the game called Veines.

Veines was a once peaceful town in a rural valley surrounded by scenic forests and craggy mountains. Unfortunately the Reapers of Death have had control of the settlement and has made it a hostile environment for the unwary.

The Veines Panorama can be viewed at on your browser via this link: Skyforge Venines Panorama. Click and hold to view the surrounding area and zoom in to take a closer look at some of the rat-like Virds!


Ubisoft Set To Introduce Several New Cars To The Crew

Ubisoft continue to boost the available arsenal of metal and rubber with the upcoming release of several new cars aiming to give the struggling online racing game, The Crew, a fresh lick of paint. The new cars will be made available for Season Pass holders for a week before being made available to the rest of the community. Up to this point those still playing The Crew have expressed concern regarding the lack of content available for Season Pass players, a worry that will at least be pacified for now.

The curvacious Corvette Stingray will be available to both previous and current Season Pass holders starting on June 3rd, being available to the rest of The Crew community on June 10th. The site was also updated to feature screenshots on other vehicles planned to release as the year goes on.

Several players did express their disappointment with the lack of content with this latest update, but Ubisoft’s Community Manager left a little note to tide them over.

You clearly didn’t read well. The ones shown are only a few of the cars to come.And yes, there will be more this week (not cars, other things)


Dontnod’s Vampyr officially announced with trailer

Since it’s reveal back in January we’ve heard little of Vampyr but publisher Focus has decided it’s time to officially announce the next Dontnot title.

Having already kicked off Life is Strange, Dontnod’s next game will take players into the Spanish flu gripped dark streets of 20th century London. For some reason Britain is ridden with elusive vampire predators and you will take on the role of Jonathan E. Reid, a high-ranking military surgeon who’s been transformed into a vampire upon his return home from the frontline.

In true sinister vampire fashion, all characters you encounter could be your next victim as you undertake missions. Players will have to “study the habits of your next victim, his or her relationships with other characters” before tucking in for a bite to eat. It sounds like there will be a real focus on the characters you’ll encounter because disposing of characters will have consequences. According to Dontnod their demise will have a “meaningful” impact in the world.

As this is an RPG there will also be vampiric powers to unlock by feeding on human blood. Yum!

Vampyr is expected some time in 2017.

Steam Summer Sale’s encore deals begin

Ladies and gentlemen, the Steam sale is closing. You have 45 hours to head to the checkout and make any final purchases before prices revert to normal.

99 of the biggest games and franchises that have previously been on sale on Steam are currently on sale again, so if you missed anything or meant to pick something up but ran out of time, now’s your chance. Whether you’re after Batman or Borderlands; Watch Dogs or Wolfenstein or The Witcher; Aliens or Age of Wonders; Tomb Raider or Total War… they’re all on sale again.

This also serves as the warning klaxon that you don’t need to keep hanging around waiting for more daily deals, because there aren’t any more. If there’s something you want to buy in the sale, you no longer have to hold off just in case a daily deal drops it a further 20% or something. With the start of this encore sale, the daily deals are done.

The Encore Deals (and general Steam Summer Sale) will last until 6pm UK time on Monday, which is about 45 hours from the time of writing. That’s your time limit for any last-minute Steam-y goodness.

RuneScape Price of Tetsu Swords and Seasinger wand and orb


RuneScape has launched level 85 duel-wielded melee and mage weaponry to the game through Participant-possessed Plug-ins. These are definitely low-tradable and degradable, so the only method to obtain is thru your slot. Exactly how much do these tools cost, to cost also to use? This RuneScape information will consider the fees.

The key palm sword employs 100 dish and 50 pearls, while the off of-hands purposes 50 dish and 25 pearls. The 3rd substance, the tengu tsuba, is not really used to make tradable goods. Thus, your initial value of these tools is 150 plates and 75 pearls.

30 dish will make a Tetsu Helm which markets in the common keep for 1.2 thousand coins. For that reason, the cost of the platter is at the least 6 million coins. It might be amongst 6-ten million, with respect to the market price of tetsu armor. 80 pearls makes a leviathan ring, which at the moment markets for around 500k. Thus, the overall cost is among 6.5 and 10.5 million coins in unrealized revenue, to help make the swords.

RuneScape competitors need to pay involving 1.875 and 3.750 million coins to refurbish the swords. They degrade right after five hrs of fight, which may consist of about 11 to over 20 hrs of perform, with respect to the type of eliminate and also the power of it.
The miracle tools use chi and koi scales, on the identical percentage with the melee tools. Consequently, the charge is 6 mil for the chi and 220k to the koi. As being the seasinger hoods usually hover just above 1.2 thousand on the grand change, the value of the chi is consistent.

Traditional RuneScape Remembers Next Birthday by Going Free of charge!

Do not be foolish, we know aged-university RuneScape isn’t two years old, it is a lot more like 14-years, but here is the party from the 2013 re-kick off from the 2007 model of Traditional RuneScape which enabled RuneScape People to dive proper in the timeless activity many of us declined obsessed about all those years ago.
Now it’s remembering its 2nd birthday along with its 100th up-date through providing certain parts from the activity totally free-to-enjoy! Because the reboot in the 2007 version of the online game was launched in 2013, Older Scool RuneScape has viewed regular every week up-dates by means of gameplay changes plus more characteristics and that full week the video game is about to receive its 100th revise taking by using it a free-to-perform alternative.

This free of charge-to-perform regular membership may go along side the game’s registration alternatives allowing the two having to pay and free of charge people to carry on to play the game as standard. In addition to the permanent free-to-engage in aspects, Jagex can also be presenting Membership Ties, a new initiative that will permit participants to purchase membership making use of in-activity riches inside a comparable trend towards the process previously set up from the no-vintage variation of the game.

“When Old Style unveiled,” Phil Mansell, RuneScape’s v . p ., added, “we wished for to make certain that our participants could still straight the form of the online game, whilst not losing the traditional elegance they cherished. Right here our company is, 100 upgrades afterwards, and approximately to launch a whole new business structure for Old School based upon the recommendations and opinions of the athletes. It is wonderful to view this kind of alliance fuelling the continuing success of Old School Runescape with a great upcoming before it.”

Traditional will commemorate its 2nd bday this few days within Jagex’s livestream to the SpecialEffect good cause and GameBlast 2015 so remain tuned for the! Are you currently a player of Traditional RuneScape?